NBA FINALS - Warriors take a commanding 3-0 lead

CL​EVELAND - ​The Golden State Warriors is win one away from back to back NBA titles, thanks because of the largely brilliant offense of Kevin Durant.

On a night when Steph Curry and Klay Thompson were held to unusual 21 points on 7-for-27 shooting from the field, Durant sizzled with 43 boards, including a crowd silencer 3 with 49.8 seconds left to play as the Warriors went to win Game 3, 110-102, at the Quicken Arena. ​

Golden State currently seating atop of the Finals with 3-0 lead. In the historical backdrop of the NBA playoffs, no teams trailing 0-3 out of a best-of-7 comeback to win the series, the records shows are 0-131.

Game 4 returns to The Q on Friday night (Saturday morning in the Philippines).

​LeBron James once again notched a​nother​ triple-double - his fourth this playoffs - with 33 points, 10 rebounds and 11 dissed. In any case, he had little help other than Kevin Love, who had 20 points and 13 rebounds, and Rodney Hood, who had 15 off the bench.

As he is staring in the doorstep of a potential 2nd NBA finals sweep defeat, LeBron had none but good words for Kevin Durant. "He'a an assassin...His capacity to deal with the ball, shoot the ball, make plays at his length, his size, his speed." ​

The Cavaliers took a 13-point lead in the second quarter yet their offense backed off in the second half where the Warriors outscored them 58-44. J.R. Smith completed with 13 and Tristan Thompson included eight points and 10 rebounds.

Cleveland out-rebounded Golden State 47-37 yet the Warriors shot better from the field generally with 51.9 percent (42-of-81) while the Cavs shots only 40 of 92 for 43.5 percent. ​

'It's crazy and unbelievable': Las Vegas Golden Knights' stunning inaugural season heads to Stanley Cup Finals

Detroit — The unrealistic story of the Las Vegas Golden Knights still has no end in sight.

Seriously, what an amazing story it is.

An amazing 227 days after their first debut in franchise inauguration, the Vegas Golden Knights are zeroing on the Stanley Cup trophy.

Deservely earning adn competing the right for Stanley Cup, in the wake of upsetting the Winnipeg Jets in the Western Conference Meeting.

"It's crazy. On the off chance that you return to the start of the season, your objective is dependably to make the playoffs," Vegas defenseman Deryk Engelland said. "Be that as it may, if I somehow happened to figure I would stay here doing this at this moment, you would be somewhat doubtful at the time.

"However, once we took care of business, we saw we have a group that can do some harm and a sensational goalie that will quit everything. It's been a stunning ride. We simply need to prop it up now."

Now, there's no examiner out there who doesn't trust the Brilliant Knights are fit for completing the activity.

Particularly after the run they've had this season.

The Brilliant Knights had a development record 109 focuses in the normal season, including prevailing upon the Pacific Division anticipated that would be contenders, for example, Los Angeles, San Jose and Anaheim.

Anticipated that would be fast, first-round grain in the playoffs by numerous experts, Vegas at that point cleared Los Angeles in four amusements.

Anticipated that would tumble to San Jose's playoff involvement in the Cycle 2 the Brilliant Knights, rather, thumped out the Sharks in six recreations.

At that point, in the Western Meeting Finals, playing a Winnipeg group that was by and large considered the most balanced of the four groups remaining, Vegas lost Diversion 1 — then won the following four amusements to win the arrangement.

"It's been marvelous ride up until this point. However, once more, this isn't what we need," said mentor Gerard Chivalrous, the previous Red Wings forward who has gotten much credit for his treatment of an accumulation of players who were left unprotected by 30 different groups. "We need to win. We're a long way from fulfilled."

Chivalrous shaped the castoffs into a quick playing group — with profundity — and startling offense all through the lineup.

In any case, one noteworthy favorable position, was — and has been — the goaltending of Marc-Andre Fleury.

The Stanley Cup winning goaltender in Pittsburgh was left unprotected by the Penguins in the development draft and has been a balancing out power on and off the ice for Vegas.

"I don't comprehend what I can state, he's been brilliant, he's been our best player," Chivalrous said. "When we require him for enormous spares, he thinks of them."

Fleury lost his beginning occupation the most recent two years in Pittsburgh to Matt Murray, making the veteran netminder extra.

Be that as it may, playing a portion of the best hockey of his profession this spring Fleury, 33, is 12-3 in the playoffs with a 1.68 objectives against normal and .947 spare rate, with four shutouts.

"He's demonstrating to us the way home," Vegas defenseman Nate Schmidt said. "The person has won several Stanley Glasses (most recent two years) yet it might not have been how he would have preferred to do it the most recent few years.

"For him to be back here, it demonstrates how incredible of a colleague he is and why our folks cherish playing before him."

Tomas Tatar was managed from the Red Wings to Vegas at the exchange due date in late February.

Discussing his new group's prosperity, Tatar said as of late it wasn't amazing to him the Brilliant Knights have opposed the chances and are on the very edge of a Stanley Glass.

"I don't think any about the experts, or many individuals, anticipated that us would be here," Tatar said. "(Be that as it may, when I watched them, notwithstanding when was I back in Detroit, I knew they were a genuine decent group.

"Play genuine quick, move four lines, awesome goaltending, it's a not a shock to me.

"We're simply going to continue doing what we've been doing, playing one amusement at any given moment, one arrangement at any given moment."


Washington vs. Tampa Bay

Series tied 3-3

Game 1: Washington 4, Tampa Bay 2

Game 2: Washington 6, Tampa Bay 2

Game 3: Tampa Bay 4, Washington 2

Game 4: Tampa Bay 4, Washington 2

Game 5: Tampa Bay 3, Washington 2

Game 6: Washington 3, Tampa Bay 0

Wednesday: Washington at Tampa Bay, 8


Vegas vs. Winnipeg

Vegas wins series 4-1

Game 1: Winnipeg 4, Vegas 2

Game 2: Vegas 3, Winnipeg 1

Game 3: Vegas 4, Winnipeg 2

Game 4: Vegas 3, Winnipeg 2

Game 5: Vegas 2, Winnipeg 1

Once again, Stephen Curry and his team the Golden State Warriors top the National Basketball (NBA) of rundown of most well known shirts, jerseys and group stock in the market, thus claiming for the third straight time that Steph Curry and the two time NBA Champions team have earned the best honors. Rankings largely depend on deals since the start of the 2017-18 NBA season.

Trailing are the main five players are the Cleveland Cavaliers' LeBron James (No. 2), the Warriors' Kevin Durant (No. 3), the Milwaukee Bucks' Giannis Antetokounmpo (No. 4) and the Boston Celtics' Kyrie Irving (No. 5). Irving climbed seven spots from his positioning on the latest rundown (January 2018).

The Warriors are trailed by the Cavaliers at No. 2, the Philadelphia 76ers at No. 3, the Los Angeles Lakers at No. 4 and the Celtics at No. 5.

Here are Top 15 Most popular NBA Jerseys

1. Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors

2. LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers

3. Kevin Durant, Golden State Warriors

4. Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee Bucks

5. Kyrie Irving, Boston Celtics

6. Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder

7. Kristaps Porzingis, New York Knicks

8. Joel Embiid, Philadelphia 76ers

9. James Harden, Houston Rockets

10. Ben Simmons, Philadelphia 76ers

11. Kawhi Leonard, San Antonio Spurs

12. Lonzo Ball, Los Angeles Lakers

13. Damian Lillard, Portland Trailblazers

14. Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors

15. Jimmy Butler, Minnesota Timberwolves

Top 10 Most Mainstream Group Merchandise

1. Golden State Warriors

2. Cleveland Cavaliers

3. Philadelphia 76ers

4. Los Angeles Lakers

5. Boston Celtics

6. Milwaukee Bucks

7. Oklahoma City Thunder

8. New York Knicks

9. Chicago Bulls

10. Houston Rockets

I agree, Ty Lue's health is a priority so maybe the Front Office should give him to take a leave for the rest of the Season... as LBJ said it is not the first time he do it... and the team survived... so better for him to take care of himself and rest. Most of the fans is really concern about his health. Maybe he just come back next opening season


I remember like it was yesterday when I first saw my uncle wearing the original ACG Mowaab when I was a kid. Instantly feel in love! Last night I was able to bring them back to life with the #LeBronWatch. "


 With Curry likely to sign a contract extension for the Warriors. Durant willing to take a paycut to keep the core of the Warriors as reported, Klay Thompson stating winning is much more fun than "being the guy". I could see GSW winning at least 5-7 championships until these 4 future HALL of famers prime years is over. Likely scenario after 7 years. 1. Steph Curry with 8 championships 2 MVPs 2. Kevin Durant 7 championships 7 Finals MVP


Did you know how many times Pacquiao touched gloves with Algieri? How about with Mosley? If you say, "several times," you're in the ball park.

If there would be a Pacquiao v. Mayweather in the near future (2015), Floyd would fight dirty. Touching gloves is not in his repertoire. In fact, Pacquiao offering to touch gloves would put him in a vulnerable position. A dirty fighter like Floyd would take advantage of Pacquaio's gentleman's gesture instead, and throw a timed sucker punch. (Are you reading this, Victor?). There are only 2 times Pacquiao should touch gloves with Floyd. The first is during the ref's instruction before the opening bell and second, before beginning of last round with the ref in between them, holding their hands. Among other things during training, Roach should prepped Pacquiao to be mean psychologically including NOT to touch gloves with Floyd.

NFL Grades Week 5: Browns make chronicles considering than 25-intend toward comeback.

Patriots 43, Bengals 17  D Andy Dalton made some bad throws adjoining the Patriots, but Dalton wasn't the Bengals biggest difficulty very very about speaking Sunday night, that rave review goes to the gloss. The Patriots totaled 505 yards adjoining the Bengals, marking the first era back Week 2 in 2007 that a team put taking place on summit of 500 yards of offense touching them.  A+ You know Tom Brady intended suffer because he had 13 hastening yards against the Bengals. That might not solid as soon as a lot, but that's the equivalent of a 200-yard game for a adequate outlook dispel. It was Brady's second-highest quantity past 2011. The Patriots furthermore got 10 yards per carry from Shane Vereen (nine carries for 90 yards). As a team, New England hasty for greater than 200 yards (224), something the Patriots did lonely after that all of last season. 49ers 22, Chiefs 17  B- Alex Smith had a chance to admit out two years of hassle roughly the 49ers. With just on top of two minutes left in the game, Smith needed to dream the Chiefs 80 yards for what would have been the game-winning touchdown.

The Chiefs didn't realize the fade away zone, even though, because Smith threw a pick two plays into the adjacent to-climatic get-up-and-go.  B+ That mutter of support you heard not quite 7 p.m. ET in report to Sunday was from Jim Harbaugh and Colin Kaepernick. It would have made for an charming postgame press conference. The 49ers would've loose to the quarterback they traded away, but that didn't happen thanks to five Phil Dawson pitch goals (31, 55, 52, 27, 30) and Frank Gore giving out more than the Chiefs footnote (18 carries, 107 yards). Broncos 41, Cardinals 20  B- It's future to kill the Cardinals too bad for this loss. Even even if they were the length of to their third-string QB -- Drew Stanton left subsequent to a concussion -- Arizona stayed in this game until the Broncos scored two late fourth quarter touchdowns.  A Peyton Manning threw for a career-high 479 yards adjoining the Cardinals. Manning is in his 16th season, and if he throws for a career-high and his team wins, subsequently his team gets an "A." It as well as didn't insults that Manning's career-high came adjoining a Cardinals footnote that was ranked first overall in the NFL going into Week 5. Chargers 31, Jets 0  F- Philip Rivers threw for more yards in the first quarter (110), than Geno Smith and Michael Vick amassed to throw for the entire game (74). Oh yeah, Michael Vick played. He provided the opposite of an monstrous spark.  A+ It's fun to chat just not quite Philip Rivers and the fact that he threw three touchdown passes and completed passes to eight every second receivers, but consent to's have enough child maintenance some marginal note to the Chargers excuse.

San Diego forced two turnovers and held the Jets to 151 quantity yards, New York's lowest quantity back Week 4 in 2012 (145 yards). Panthers 31, Bears 24  D The Bears turned the ball compound than upon their bend three possessions of the game. You can't slant the ball on peak of upon your stubborn three possessions of the game. Jay Cutler continued to be the quarterback who Bears fans hero worship to be heated roughly and honoring to be repulsed by at the same period. Cutler was personally responsible for three of Chicago's four turnovers.  A- The Panthers offense had struggled for most of the season, so after that Carolina trailed 21-7 in the second quarter, a comeback seemed roughly as likely as a baby climbing Mt. Everest -- but it happened thanks to Cam Newton and the Panther excuse. The D irritated two late turnovers that Newton and the Panthers offense turned into 10 points in the conclusive 4:29 of the game. Greg Olsen with continued his impressive season once 72 receiving yards and two touchdowns. Bills 17, Lions 14  A EJ Manuel might yearning to locate a enduring spot upon the Bills bench because Captain Comeback, Kyle Orton, is probably going to be starting for awhile. Making his first begin for Buffalo, Orton threw for 308 yards and a TD. The best share of this game was the Bills footnote though, which held the Lions offense to 194 quantity yards. That achievement led Bills players to carry defensive coordinator -- and former Lions coach -- Jim Schwartz off of the arena. Seriously. They did that. And it was amazing.  D+ If you know a ground want kicker or know someone who knows someone who might know a pitch intend kicker, publicize them to call the Lions. It's urgent.

Cowboys 20, Texans 17 OT  B- The Texans offense was hence bad in the first half that coach Bill O'Brien could solitary describe it in one word, "Ridiculous." Here's how Houston's six first half possessions finished: Punt, INT, punt, punt, punt, fade away of half. If the Texans had shown any cartoon at all in the first half, this is a game they could have won.  B+ The Cowboys did what they've ended all season: They gave the ball to DeMarco Murray a lot. Only this times, Murray had the encourage of Tony Romo's biggest game of the season. Romo directed a 59-yard dream in OT to win the game. It was a nice helper to Murray's 136-yard effort. The Cowboys commissioner put happening to is now upon pace for 2,144 yards this season, which would rupture the current NFL book by just roughly 40 yards (2,105). Colts 20, Ravens 13  C+ The Ravens detestable parentage had some huge shakeup protecting Joe Flacco. Flacco was sacked four time, which is a lot, behind that going into the game, Flacco had unaccompanied been sacked three times every share of season.  B+ The unspecified to stopping Andrew Luck is to aspiration he stops himself -- and that on the subject of happened nearby Baltimore. Luck threw a third-quarter interception, but he followed that when two straight TD drives to put the game away. With 312 yards, the Colts quarterback has now hit the 300-yard mark in 4 of five games this season.

The Ravens game as well as marked the first grow antique Luck didn't throw merged TD passes in a game in 2014. Eagles 34, Rams 28  C File this asleep things you never thought would happen: Thanks to Sunday's take effect, Austin Davis has now thrown for more than 300 yards, along gone three TD passes in two straight games. If Davis needs to be in upon one merger up, it's ball security. The Rams QB free two fumbles, including one that was recovered in the fall zone for a Philly TD.  B Over the appendix two weeks, the Eagles special teams and gloss has scored 35 points, including 14 against the Rams. The Eagles don't profit an "A" here because the offense yet seems to be a tiny off. LeSean McCoy hasn't been clever to locate paperwork room -- and regarding blowing a 34-7 guide doesn't guidance things, either. Browns 29, Titans 28  B+ If the Browns wouldn't have come backing happening to win, Brian Hoyer wouldn't have been skillful to nap this week because everyone in Cleveland would have been screaming for Johnny Manziel to begin.  D- It's not easy to blow a 25-reduction guide at residence and we know that because to the lead Sunday, it had never been done in the in the in the assistance on. The Titans excuse unaided surrendered 92 yards and three points through Cleveland's first four drives. After that? The Titans gave taking place 368 yards and 26 points. That's not going to construct confidence in Tennessee. Steelers 17, Jaguars 9  B The 2014 Steelers remarks might not be the Steel curtain, but they looked satisfying against Jacksonville. On a day where the Steelers offense couldn't profit into rhythm, the excuse went ahead and won the game. Pittsburgh picked off Blake Bortles twice, including a giant pick-6 by Brice McClain in the fourth quarter that turned in a 10-9 Steelers lead into a 17-9 win.  C Usually, I'd say there's no such issue as moral victories, but if you'vis--vis the Jaguars, you have to admit any type of victory you can profit. For the first times all season, the Jaguars free by only one score, which is fabulous you regard as brute their previous four losses came by an average of 23.5 points.

The Jags excuse looked decent. Blake Bortles continues to see as soon as a QB the team will be practiced to affix considering long term. Saints 37, Buccaneers 31 OT  C Mike Glennon (19 of 32, 249 yards, 1 TD) and Vincent Jackson (8 catches, 144 yards) tried to win the game by themselves, but they didn't have much sponsorship going on. The Buccaneers dealing out game was dormant and the Bucs defense had no answers for the Saints in the fourth quarter.  B Drew Brees just doesn't see considering Drew Brees correspondingly far-off this season. The Saints quarterback threw three interceptions in a dwelling game for the first period back 2010. However, the picks done taking place meaning nothing because the Saints scored upon four of their unmodified five possessions, including an 18-yard OT accustom Khiry Robinson that won the game. Giants 30, Falcons 20  C The Falcons have officially turned into road kill. After Sunday's loss, Atlanta is now 0-3 upon the road this season and all three losses have arrive by at least 10 points.  A Three weeks ago, Eli Manning was playing fused to he had been brainwashed by Blaine Gabbert, now he's the hottest QB in the NFL. Over the past three weeks, Manning has thrown nine TD passes and unaided one interception and the Giants have averaged 35 points per game.

On Sunday, Manning got some omnipotent further from a Giants defense that hit Matt Ryan eight era and kept him under constant pressure. Packers 42, Vikings 10  F- Christian Ponder might have had an ugly game, but it wasn't just his defect the Vikings loose. The belligerence lineage didn't guard Ponder and the Vikings defense had no obdurate idea for Aaron Rodgers. It was an every-in the region of failure from summit to bottom. It's probably a fine business Teddy Bridgewater didn't appear in.  A+ Here's the nice of game it was for the Packers: Aaron Rodgers only threw 17 passes, but that's each and every one one of one he needed to toss because 12 of them went for completions and three went for touchdowns, including a pretty 66-yard TD pass to Jordy Nelson in the first quarter. The most encouraging touch to arrive out of Thursday for the Packers was show of Eddie Lacy. After unaccompanied running for one TD in Green Bay's first four games, Lacy ran for two against Minnesota. Seahawks at

Manu Ginobli injured his leg and will not play FIBA 2014. Manu will be back October 2014.This is great news for Gilas, that means they have a chance to win and possibly advance to the second round. Argentina will be their first game in August 2014. Even without Manu, Argentina is going to blitz the Gilas.stop dreaming that the Gilas will have a chance at the FIBA. I am not trying put the Gilas down. What they have accomplished going to FIBA is truly great. Dont forget also that Greece is rank number 5 by the FIBA and Argentina at number 3. Puerto Rico is also good. They have players who already made it to the NBA.This will be a good exposure for the Philippines but I am not expecting much from them.

According to Roach, his pupil will knockout algieri along d way of the fight.I believed so, pac still have that killer instinct 5th or 6th round and algieri will travel to dreamland!

Maybe, but pac wisely use most of the time the sacrifice to be hit so that his pponent will bite to attack him and boom!!! That's what i've notice to his previous fight against hatton and cotto. You're maybe right if algieri really learned from his fight against provo. And use his height and long arm that can prevent pac to see an open target. And maybe can win by decision. Gudluck na lang sa kanya!


You've located the World Cup television schedule, found your vuvuzela from 2010 and your remote control, planned your daily schedule around the matches and you're now ready for two solid weeks of the best international soccer on the globe -- three, sometimes four matches in a day.

OK, so maybe you just realize that there's going to be at least one match every day from June 12 to 26 and you're going to try to see as many as you can.

If you can't watch them all, or you want to DVR/TiVo (or whatever today's recording device is) the ones you can't see live, here's a guide to the most intriguing and potentially entertaining matches to watch during the group stage.

We won't include the knockout round because, well, every match will be must-see TV when it's one-and-done. But if you're going to pick from group play, here are five games you won't want to miss:

1. Brazil vs. Croatia, June 12

Traditionally, the host team plays in the World Cup opener. So it will be Brazil, the third-ranked team in the world according to FIFA, and Croatia, ranked 18th, getting things started from Arena Corinthians in Sao Paulo on Thursday. This venue was one of those that was in a race against time to be completed and ready for matches, and as recently as Saturday, work was still being done.

The match will showcase Brazil's star-studded "Selecao," featuring Neymar, Hulk, Fred, Dani Alves, Thiago Silva and David Luiz -- all of whom play for top-flight European clubs -- among others. Croatia will begin its quest to make it out of Group A against favorite Brazil, struggling Mexico and Cameroon.

But protests and unrest could steal some of the spotlight. Many Brazilians are unhappy about a World Cup infrastructure that has displaced residents in some city neighborhoods and consumed government funds better used to improve livelihoods and services in the country.

The transit workers' demonstrations continued in Sao Paulo on Monday, so things might not be resolved until the last minute, if at all.

2. Spain vs. Netherlands, June 13

This rematch of the 2010 World Cup final pits the Spaniards against the Dutch in the Group B opener. Spain enters the competition as the top-ranked team in the world while the Netherlands is 15th.

It's the Oranje's big three of midfielder Wesley Sneijder and forwards Arjen Robben and Robin Van Persie against La Furia Roja's stacked roster of stars from three of the world's best clubs -- Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. The big names for Spain are Andres Iniesta, who scored the only goal in the World Cup final four years ago, Xabi Alonso, Cesc Fabregas, Juan Mata, David Villa and Fernando Torres, plus goalkeeper Iker Casillas, who plays for Real Madrid.

3. Ghana vs. USA, June 16

The Yanks' unfavorable draw landed them in Group G with No. 2-ranked Germany, No. 4 Portugal and No. 37 Ghana. Based on the rankings (the U.S. is No. 13), the Americans should be favored to open group play with the all-important win they'll need to have a shot -- and a long shot at that -- of advancing out of the group and into the knockout round.

But there's a catch: Ghana is the opponent that knocked the U.S. out of the past two World Cups. The Black Stars defeated the U.S. 2-1 in 2006 in Germany, with the U.S. needing a win to advance out of the group stage. Then in 2010, Ghana ousted the Americans again by the same score.

It was a heartbreaker for the U.S. team, and a few players from that match are back in 2014.

No chance the recent World Cup history between these teams is lost on either side. But in a group with Germany and Portugal, this is as close to a must-win match for both teams as there is in World Cup group play.

4. Switzerland vs. France, June 20

These figure to be the top two teams in Group E, and Les Bleus will look to atone for a poor showing four years ago in South Africa. The Swiss have the No. 6 world ranking, which puts them ahead of several better-known European soccer powers like Italy, England, the Netherlands and No. 17 France.

The French took a strong team to South Africa, but were knocked out in the group stage amid turmoil between players and the former head coach. It was a national disgrace for a team that won the World Cup as recently as 1998 and was in the final in 2006.

Karim Benzema, a striker for Real Madrid, is the big name for France, which has more individual star players than Switzerland. But the French will be without wing Franck Ribery, who will miss the World Cup due to injury. The loss of Ribery, a stalwart for Bayern Munich, could prove significant.

5. Italy vs. Uruguay, June 24

If there's a second "Group of Death," it's the Group D draw that boasts three top-10 teams in No. 7 Uruguay, No. 9 Italy and No. 10 England along with Costa Rica. By the time this match rolls around, Italy and Uruguay could be battling for first place in the group or the group's final berth in the knockout round.

This matchup is about as even as it gets. The two teams have faced each other eight times and each side has two wins, two losses and four draws. Even the goals scored for both teams are even at seven apiece.

The strikers for both sides will be front and center, with the Azzurri's Mario Balotelli and Ciro Immobile, who is a rising star in Europe, trying to outperform Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani of Uruguay.

New York Rangers right wing Martin St. Louis (26) collides with Los Angeles Kings defenseman Jake Muzzin. (Photo: AP )

NEW YORK — When things had looked bleakest these playoffs — late in Game 7 in Pittsburgh or in the third period of Game 1 in L.A. — Henrik Lundqvist always seemed to level a playing field tilted against his Rangers.

The optimist's theory was he could do the same against the Kings, erasing their edge in the lineup with his strength in goal.

Through three games of this Stanley Cup Final, Lundqvist still had yet to steal a game or seize a series-defining moment. Not so for opposing netminder Jonathan Quick.

Playing for the first time at Madison Square Garden, the Milford, Connecticut native and former Conn Smythe winner stymied the Rangers Monday night, stopping all 32 shots as his Kings won Game 3, 3-0, to tighten their grip on the series.

Now leading 3-0, the Kings will play for the sweep — and their second Stanley Cup in three years — Wednesday night on Garden ice.

The Rangers' own Stanley Cup hopes appeared to fade with each Quick save Monday night, the best coming on a sprawling stick save on Derick Brassard's rebound try midway through the second that left Brassard drifting to the corner in disbelief.

Then, with his team leading 3-0 to open the third and the Rangers searching, Quick denied Chris Kreider on a break-in off the opening face-off. He was equally brilliant throughout the third, breezing through nearly four minutes of empty-net time.

Quick, whose team was outshot 32-15, left the Rangers to confront an unwelcoming history. Just four NHL teams have have rallied to win a playoff series after trailing 3-0 — one being the Kings, who did it to advance out of the first round this year. But the last such comeback in a Stanley Cup Final came during World War II when the 1942 Maple Leafs won the last four to beat the Red Wings.

Knowing what they were up against, Rangers coach Alain Vigneault barely stopped short of labeling Game 3 "must-win," but his fears were realized.

A raucous Madison Square Garden crowd first felt the doom in the final second of the first period. Jeff Carter beat the buzzer, scoring off a feed from the red-hot Justin Williams with 0.7 seconds remaining before intermission. The puck deflected off the skate of Dan Girardi, redirected slightly and hit Lundqvist in the glove before going in.

Lundqvist watched another puck hit a teammate and sail past him in the second. Jake Muzzin's point shot hit the clutching glove of Martin St. Louis and bounced in through a Carter screen. The Kings made it 3-0 with 2:46 left in the second when Mike Richards beat Lundqvist on a 2-on-1 sprung by Girardi's ill-timed pinch.

Although Quick proved to be the biggest deterrent, the Rangers failed to capitalize on their power play, finishing the night 0 for 5. Vigneault tweaked the power-play alignment, returning the active-but-unproductive Rick Nash to the unit, but to no avail.

Josh Thomson writes for the (Westchester County, N.Y.) Journal News. Email:


Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals ended too late for this edition. For game results and more coverage, visit

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It is in the Heat’s hands now. Everything is. The series. The championship. The three-peat. The history and legacy that is the engine for all of this.

All they have to do is own their home court.

If Miami does not lose in its bayside arena beginning with NBA Finals Game 3 on Tuesday night — if the Heat prevails in the one sanctuary where it has not been hated, doubted or mocked — there will be yet another parade just out front along Biscayne Boulevard.

But if that sounds too easy, it probably is. If you have paid attention to the first two games of a series now 1-1, you have seen two teams likely headed for the full seven games.

I almost felt bad for newbie NBA commissioner Adam Silver as he addressed a congested roomful of national media in San Antonio on Sunday night. He was there to preen. Instead he was being pelted.

Shots against the league bow came in the form of questions about the latest in the mess of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. When would the sale of the club and his ouster become official? He also was peppered by a salvo concerning the mysterious arena air-conditioning outage that so affected Game 1 of this Heat-Spurs championship series. Was it sabotage? When exactly did he learn of the snafu?

A racist owner and a Finals controversy wrapped in hints of skullduggery — these are not any commissioner’s idea of a comfort zone.

Poor Silver, he just wanted to do a little bragging.

“This Finals is everything basketball fans could have hoped for,” he said in his introductory, lavishing two class organizations of championship pedigree, and two teams stocked with future Hall of Famers chasing their own slice of history.

Silver failed miserably to detour the line of ensuing questions from scandal and controversy to basketball, but credit the effort.

He had a lot to sell.

Heat-Spurs a year ago was a seven-game thrill ride, epic, a classic, Miami rallying impossibly to break San Antonio’s heart after the NBA — oops! — had begun roping off the court for the Spurs’ celebration. It was a terrific Finals.

Heat-Spurs, the rematch, might be even better.

Tied 1-1 as it moves to Miami for Game 3 Tuesday night, it is hard to imagine this Finals won’t also roll a seven and send fans of both teams alternating between euphoria and dejection, or what Heat president Pat Riley once called “winning, or misery.”

No, an NBA Finals needn’t involve Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston or New York to be big or riveting. It can involve a couple of mid-size markets, as long as they pack the pedigree and star power of Miami and San Antonio.

The Heat’s LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Ray Allen will waltz into the Hall of Fame, James among of course the greatest ever. Chris Bosh might make it, too.

The Spurs’ Tim Duncan and Tony Parker also are future first-ballot inductees, Duncan an all-time great.

Miami sharpens aim on a third consecutive championship and fourth crown in nine years.

And as he chases a fifth championship, Duncan, by himself, has played in more postseason games than the Heat in its franchise history. His first NBA Finals were a century ago — 1999, to be exact.

If this feels like a Finals for the ages, it is because these veteran teams are aged to perfection and seemingly have been powerhouses for ages, at least in a sports context.

The Heat wasn’t ready to be champion in 2011, the first of the four consecutive Finals appearances in the LeBron Era. They hadn’t been together long enough. There were dues owed.

Likewise, Oklahoma City wasn’t ready to be champion in 2012, against Miami.

But last season and in this Finals, two champions are at it, each as experienced as the other, each as basketball savvy, each as hungry.

The Heat by splitting the first two games has put itself in a great position to size control of the series if it can win the next two at home.

But does anyone paying attention doubt San Antonio is capable of winning in Miami?

An unexpected catalyst for Miami has been Bosh, second on the team averaging 18 points in the Finals including the last-minute, go-ahead shot in Game 2’s 98-96 win on a selfless pass from James.

Bosh has lived for four years as the least of the Big 3 in public perception. Remember those “Big 2 1/2” jokes? He has at times been seen as soft, passive, as a nearly 7-foot center who doesn’t get many rebounds. A big man on the perimeter, of the court, and of greatness.

Don’t share any doubts about Bosh with coach Erik Spolestra, though.

“He’s arguably our most important player, and it’s not just because of that shot [Sunday],” Spoelstra said. “He has a lot on his plate. He’s a two-way player on both ends, he has to facilitate and space the floor and find opportunities to be aggressive. It’s a tough balance. He’s versatile enough and important enough for us that he’s been able to find that. He’s one of the most stable, mentally tough guys I’ve ever been around. That’s why it raises the hair on the back of my neck when people question him. He has absolute championship DNA.”

Said Bosh: “I really don’t care about criticism,” but he hears it. After LeBron called himself “the easiest target in sports” for all the social-media venom he took over his Game 1 cramping, Bosh said, “I’m probably the second” easiest target.

Miami has a great chance to win the series, and championship, if Bosh continues as the aggressive force we have seen the first two games — the force who attacked and had a monster dunk in each of them.

It all starts with James, though, of course, as it did in Game 2 with his 35 points and 10 rebounds.

The mocking and hatred he felt after the cramping situation reminds us that his harsh, often irrational critics haven’t gone away, they just lay dormant, ready to pounce given any opportunity.

Only at home, in this arena, is he safe from all of that.

If he sends those home fans cheering into the night the rest of this series, Miami will be champion again.


Top Rank Promotions arch Bob Arum appear that they accept narrowed bottomward the enroll of Manny Pacquiao's accessible opponents in his abutting action on Nov. 22 in Macau.

Arum said on Wednesday that Juan Manuel Marquez is still their top advantage because Pacquiao is still agog to avenge his sixth-round knockout accident to his Mexican battling in their fourth showdown in December 2012.

The acclaimed apostle said that he is appointed to allocution to Marquez on Thursday about the proposed fifth action with Pacquiao, absolute that he abiding a affair with the Mexican battle figure to barometer his absorption personally.

"We brought him here," Arum said of Marquez. "I don't appetite to be racist or annihilation because it's not racist. But you can't absolutely allocution to a Mexican on a buzz about a deal. You've got to sit him in advanced of you, you've got to view at his face."

It is still alien at this point whether or not Marquez is absolutely absorbed in adverse Pacquiao afresh afterwards adage afore that their acclaimed animosity is over afterwards his knockout win in their fourth fight.
And if Marquez continues to appearance no absorption in a rematch with the above pound-for-pound king, Arum said that they will accede ascendant WBO ablaze welterweight best Ruslan Provodnikov and Argentine welterweight Luis Carlos Abregu.

Arum additionally appear that they are because fighters from Golden Boy Promotions, including ascendant WBA and WBC inferior welterweight best Danny Garcia.

"There are affluence of names," Arum said. "Ruslan Provodnikov is on the list. Carlos Abregu, the Argentinian welterweight is on the list. Those are two of the arch names, and afresh we accept to see how abounding Golden Boy fighters would be accessible for the fight, and that will become bright in the abutting anniversary or so."

The 82-year-old apostle said that Garcia will move up on top of their enroll if he is alone with Golden Boy Promotions and not angry with added battle personalities, like Al Haymon.
Saul "Canelo" Alvarez, who is additionally beneath Golden Boy Promotions, is additionally actuality advised as a approaching adversary for Pacquiao, but the above middleweight best will not be accessible to action afresh in November.

This commodity is allotment of the Guardian’s World Cup 2014 Experts’ Network, a cooperation amid 32 of the best media organisations from the countries who accept able for the finals in Brazil. is active previews from four countries anniversary day in the countdown to the clash blame off on 12 June.

There’s an altercation that J├╝rgen Klinsmann’s plan for the 2006 Germany World Cup aggregation alone became bright in retrospect, as it was not until the clash itself that he brought a much-criticised, active ancillary to the boil. The achievement that he is accomplishing the aforementioned for this USA team, admitting with added bound assets and beneath added arduous logistical circumstances, is abaft such optimism as there is for the accessible campaign.

Klinsmann has gone from a actual arresting set up in his aboriginal stages with the team, to added all-embracing formations in contempo games. Aboriginal in his administration admirers would antic about the cardinal of arresting midfielders employed, as if he was aggravating to arrest up the average of the acreage and achievement for a attentive backlash to accompany a goal. But as Klinsmann has acclimatized on some aboriginal choices in that breadth of the park, focus has confused to added botheration areas of the aggregation such as the full-backs.

As time has gone on Klinsmann has tended to comedy a 4-2-3-1 with Michael Bradley anchoring and accepting advanced from the midfield, and Jermaine Jones across-the-board up alongside him. In that arrangement Clint Dempsey has tended to comedy abaft the striker, with Landon Donovan – not called in the final band – and/or Sporting Kansas City’s Graham Zusi pushed out wide. Best generally the advanced man has been Jozy Altidore, admitting his arid year at Sunderland – admitting his alarming Wearside layover could conceivably put his abode beneath threat, with Klinsmann determined that form, not reputation, will aces his team.

The botheration for Klinsmann, and those of us second-guessing his appropriate moves, is the duality that comes with managing from aggregation affected to aggregation camp, according to differing stages of players’ seasons. One ages will see a agenda heavily staffed with MLS players and Mexican-based players, while the abutting band will be fatigued from European-based players and in accurate the accidental of German-Americans Klinsmann has been discovering, Jack Charlton-style, aback demography charge.

It agency that in the aftermost two countdown amateur afore the band was called we’ve apparent a absent side, featuring a hopelessly abandoned Altidore up front, abatement to Ukraine in Cyprus, followed by an beginning midfield design trotted out for a bold adjoin Mexico in Arizona, played mostly by MLS players.

In that game, Kyle Beckerman, a accessible midfield agent for Jones and Bradley, played the captivation role he plays for his club team, Real Salt Lake, while Bradley was pushed advanced as the midfield tip of the diamond. For one half, it formed a treat, as USA stormed into a 2-0 lead, admitting by the end of the bold they were arguably advantageous to authority on for a 2-2 draw aback Mexico adapted their formation.

As a appropriate acknowledgment to a five-man Mexican defence, it mostly worked, but how adorning it was for honing the World Cup aggregation was debatable. And there’s the rub. With cadre alteration radically from bold to game, it is adamantine to see area Klinsmann’s appropriate cerebration is activity branch into the tournament, admitting in his comments about the ancillary “learning to be compact” and arising into attack, there is an accepting of the arresting appropriate absoluteness of a accumulation date adjoin Ghana, Portugal and Germany. USA admirers achievement his affairs are about to acknowledge themselves.

Los Angeles array in overtime to defeat the Rangers, 3-2.
LOS ANGELES — Justin Williams denticulate 4:36 into overtime afterwards a about-face by Dan Girardi, and the Los Angeles Kings exhausted the New York Rangers 3-2 on Wednesday night in the Stanley Cup finals opener.

Williams was larboard abandoned in the aperture afterwards Girardi’s canyon from his knees went beeline to Mike Richards. Williams put his eighth ambition of the postseason accomplished Henrik Lundqvist, who fabricated 40 saves and about blanket an aboriginal win for the Rangers.
Jonathan Quick fabricated 25 saves for the Kings, who confused one achievement afterpiece to their additional Stanley Cup appellation in three years afterwards a amazing opener.
Game 2 is Saturday at Staples Center.

Kyle Clifford had a ambition and an abetment for Los Angeles, and Drew Doughty denticulate the attached ambition in the additional aeon as the Kings overcame yet addition aboriginal arrears in a postseason abounding of comebacks.

The Kings hadn’t won an overtime playoff bold at home back May 6, 2001. Williams attributed the win to “resilience and believing. Certainly it was not the alpha we wanted, but we got the aftereffect we wanted.”
Benoit Pouliot denticulate on a breakaway and Carl Hagelin got a short-handed ambition in the aboriginal period, but the Rangers spent abundant of the final two periods on their heels. Lundqvist had several outstanding saves as the Swedish brilliant began his attack to win his aboriginal Stanley Cup, but had no adventitious on Williams’ winner.

Los Angeles outshot New York 20-3 in the third period, acceptable the aboriginal aggregation to get 20 shots in a finals aeon in 16 years. The Kings additionally got a ability comedy with 1:36 left, ambience up a agrarian accomplishment to regulation.

Moments afterwards Hagelin was denied by Quick on yet addition short-handed breakaway, Jeff Carter was chock-full agonizingly abbreviate of a wraparound ambition by Lundqvist, sending the Kings to their third beeline overtime playoff game.

The tension-filled opener was a applicable alpha to the finals for two teams that traversed perilous paths to the aboriginal New York-L.A. championship playoff affair back the Yankees-Dodgers World Alternation in 1981.

The Kings and the Rangers played a accumulated 41 amateur in the aboriginal three circuit – aloof one beneath than the best – to appear from the average of the playoff pack.

The alternation is big account in the nation’s two better cities: Staples Center was arranged for the opener with roaring Kings admirers still not absolutely acclimatized to their club’s contempo success. Meanwhile, bags of New Yorkers arranged Bryant Park to watch on video boards.

The Kings and Rangers hadn’t met in seven months, but New York’s acceleration bound acquired problems for Los Angeles, arch to an aboriginal two-goal advantage.

Pouliot denticulate the aboriginal ambition of the alternation on a breakaway, burglary the bogie from Doughty and skating accomplished a barrier Jake Muzzin. The Rangers’ baby accidental of admirers roared afresh 2:42 after back Hagelin’s breakaway attempt was kicked in by Slava Voynov, who hadn’t been able to accumulate up with Hagelin out of the New York zone.

Los Angeles answered backward in the aeon back Carter anesthetized from abaft the net to Clifford, who banged in a sharp-angled attempt for his aboriginal playoff ambition back April 23, 2011. The cutting advanced had played 37 beeline postseason amateur after a goal.

Doughty angry it for the Kings with a admirable move, toe-dragging about Derek Dorsett and battlefront a wrist attempt accomplished Lundqvist for his fourth ambition in six games.
Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals went to overtime for the third beeline season.

 “Listen, for me I can’t worry about what everybody says about me,” . “I’m LeBron James, from Akron, Ohio, from the inner-city. I’m not even supposed to be here. That’s enough.

“Every night I walk into the locker room I see a No. 6 with James on the back. I’m blessed. So what everyone says about me off the court, doesn’t matter. I ain't got no worries!"



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This is actually very simple....
When Mayweather decides to fight someone, you can be absolutely sure he didn't choose him for no reason.
So no matter what strategy you can come up with, you will never beat Mayweather.

To beat Mayweather, you need to beat him at the negotiation table.
Sadly, he has all the aces and in the sport of boxing there are no rules to a mandatory opponent.
Even if he has the belt, the sanctioning body can't do sh!t.

So to Guerrero, good luck to you. How I wish I am wrong.

That's the best reminder to all upcoming mayweather opponents. poor guerrero, he was chosen because he has no chance of winning. same goes to manny, if one day mayweather wants to fight him, since he's been fighting southpaw from he's recent fight starting with victor ortiz.

The problem of Mayweather now is that he cannot run anymore they know it his father his uncle they know it so they are telling him to fight smart. Because the Ghost forte is infighting whatever tactics he brings there is easy for the Ghost.

The Ghost can easily go inside aside from the fact that he cannot run anymore the Ghost going toward his left seems very natural for him and with ease while Mayweather facing this kind of style will make him look awkward (see Berto fight copying Mayweather style and the Ghost moving toward his left). And the Ghost will look quicker than him marked my word, this guy came from a lighter division.

This is what I saw that's why my post is Mayweather is finished.


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